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Monday, 29 April 2013

Top 10 Scary Scenes (From my Childhood)

Top 10: Scariest Movie Things (from when I was a kid.)


I have always loved horror films and while I am not an aficionado of the genre, I still love to talk about them. There is nothing like watching horror films when you were a kid. When the Saturday morning X-Men cartoons were just not cutting it, or starting fires with a magnifying glass was getting old, it was time to look at things that go bump in the night. So I compiled a list of the Top 10 scariest movie moments from my childhood (Age 12 or younger). Some will argue I watched these movies way too young, and I would argue that you are probably right. While all of these scenes are not from horror movies, they have stuck with me because they were terrifying to me. It really worries me that this list was so easy for me to make. My irrational fear of the ocean, spiders, birds, cartoon rats, and worms, can all be traced back to these movies. I am not ashamed to say that these scenes made me want to crap my pants in fright. So grab some popcorn, and sit back and relax, as I tell you about the top ten movie scenes that plague my nightmares till this very day.



# 10 Nicodemus, The Secret of NIMH

Haha, I start off the list with a cartoon character. I know most of you will be like, WTF kind of list is this? But please bear with me. There is not a specific scene that stands out for me, but Nicodemus was underwear wetting scary. With his glowing eyes and Jessica Tandy looking hands, Nicodemus was created in some warped mind to frighten children. Although he turns out to be a super nice rat, he has haunted my dreams since I was like 6. Nicodemus starts us off at number 10.

# 9 Jabberwocky, Alice in Wonderland (TV Movie)

Again not a specific scene and I know, I know, I cheated with a TV movie, but the Jabberwocky was hella scary back in the day. It was a freaky ass puppet that was accompanied by lightning and thunder whenever it showed up. It also looked slimy which didn’t help the matter. I constantly lived in fear of this thing showing up in my life. This thing was a Jim Henson creation on acid. The Jabberwocky finds itself at # 9 

# 8 Death Guard creation, The Beastmaster

This dude was tortured, Gollum style, and then had green juice and a weird worm inserted into his cranium via a dirty tube. It was nerve wracking to watch. After that was over, he had a creepy S & M helmet slapped on his head and menacing spiked gauntlets attached to his hands. He shambled his way through claustrophobic tunnels scaring the frak out of me. To make matters worse, the Death Guard was trying to kill the two best characters in this film (the ferrets.) The Death Guard was messed up to look at, and I was messed up for looking. The creation of this Death Guard through torture is number 8 on my list.

# 7 Gremlins attack Billy’s mom, Gremlins

Remember this movie? It got dark INCREDIBLY fast. What starts off with one of the cutest characters in cinematic history (Gizmo) soon scared the living shit out of me. This all started in the kitchen scene with Billy’s mom. She shred Gremlins in the Blender, She explodes them in the microwave, and she even stabs one of them Michael Myers style. Moral of the story, don’t mess with Billy’s mom. Never the less, with razor sharp teeth and slimy skin, that kitchen scene freaked me the F out.

 # 6 Jud Crandall’s death, Pet Cemetery

It is never easy to watch violent deaths on screen when you were a kid. This one was especially memorable. Jud Crandall was the nice grandfatherly character that is stalked through his house by an undead boy. Noises come from all over the place as Jud tries to find out where this kid is hiding. What does Jud get for his trouble? A severed Achilles tendon and a Joker like smile sliced into his face. It is bone chilling, and still leaves me unsettled all these years later.

# 5 Terminators eye removal, The Terminator

The Terminators eye is messed up. He removes it. Not sure what else to write. Seeing the Terminator cutting open his own arm was a close second.

# 4 Alien chest burst, Aliens

WTF just happened? I hadn’t seen the first movie in this franchise before I saw Aliens, so this was traumatizing to me and completely unexpected. A young kid has his chest blown open and a creepy alien shoots out. To make matters worse, they blow torch its ass. Ugh, this had me clutching a security blanket for months after. This film ruined a lot of my childlike innocence in that one scene alone.

# 3 Man melting at the end of Raiders, Raiders of the Lost Ark

 If there was ever a movie scene that was partially watched through the fingers of my hand, this was it. Indiana Jones told Marion not to look at what came out of the Ark; I very wisely took Jones’s advice also. Seeing a man melt in full view would ruin any kid’s day, and this was no exception. What was an awesome movie to that point, quickly turned awful. This scene finds itself at number 3 on the list.

# 2 Khan puts a worm in a couple of guy’s ears, Star Trek 2: The Wrath of Khan

My dad used to watch this movie in our basement while I was growing up. I never would go into the basement after seeing this scene down there.

# 1 Fisherman with missing eyeball, Jaws

I tagged along with my two older brothers to a birthday party back in the day. They played the movie Jaws there. It ruined my innocence. To this day, I still say it is the scariest scene in any movie. When they find the dead guy in the water with a missing eye, I started to hate Birthday parties a little. This is easily the top scariest scene from my childhood.

Honorable Mentions

Predator # Missing Arm

Robocop # Toxic Waste

Nightmare on Elm Street # Bedroom

Poltergeist # Old Man

The Birds # Flock

About Schmidt # Hot tub

This is my list. What do you think? What would you add to your lists?  

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