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Friday, 26 April 2013

Top 10 Men That Women Want (of All Time)

10 Actors that Women Want (ALL TIME)

A couple of day ago, I listed my top 10 crushes of all time. So it is only fair to my female readers, that I make a top 10 list of actors that women have crushed on over the years. I have compiled a list of guys that make the ladies swoon. These 10 actors could steal your woman in a heartbeat, and all you could do about it is say, "well played sir, well played.". These guys are mantastic, they are mandsome, and they are mangnificent. So I am going to drop my Alpha Male personality for a bit. I am going to turn on the song Goodbye Horses, by Garvey. I am going to tuck my junk in between my legs like Buffalo Bill, and I am going to write about 10 men that women want, and who guys want to be. One last note, this was not an easy list to make, so I apologize to a couple of ladies I know that have Tom Cruise and Gordon Joseph-Levitt on their lists. Here we go!


# 10 Chris Hemsworth

Chris Hemsworth has come out of nowhere to become a leading man in Hollywood these days. Ladies love him because of his Australian accent and his chiseled physique. This guy is so good looking he plays Captain Kirk’s dad (let that sink in.) Guys love him because he is Thor, and he has frakking clotheslined a zombie on screen (how many can make that claim?) With his permanent five o clock shadow, Chris Hemsworth finds himself at number 10 on the list.

# 9 Mel Gibson

Another Aussie finds himself on this list and for good reason. Before Mel Gibson went bat shit crazy and all anti-Semitic, he was the toast of the town. He is ruggedly handsome with a quick sense of humor, and won audiences over with a combination of Action and Comedic films. Women love him because of his quick smile and his animal magnetism. Guys love him because of Lethal Weapon and Braveheart. If it wasn’t for alcohol, Mel Gibson could have found himself higher than number 9 on this list.

# 8 Will Smith

There are A-list actors and then there is Will Smith. This guy has been popular for so long that it is hard to remember that first season of, Fresh Prince of Bel Air. Will has the ability to make people laugh in any situation and that is a rare thing to be able to do. The girls love him because of his natural charm and entertaining humor. The guys love him because he is Mike LOWWWWRY. Will Smith will be entertaining us for years to come and finds himself at number 8 on this list.

# 7 Ewan McGregor

I am going to have to agree with Chandler from Friends. Moulin Rouge is a great movie. This guy seduces prostitutes using a medley of love songs. How Baller is that? He can sing, he can act, and he is just a likable dude. The women love him because he is dashing, and because of the above mentioned film. The guys love him because he is motherflippin Obi-Wan Kenobi. Also if he wasn’t your favorite character in the film Black Hawk Down, YOU CRAZY!

# 6 Ryan Reynolds

You know the guy doesn’t think he is all that because he dated, Alanis Morissette. He is basically Jim Carey, with a Greek statue body. With his permanent baby face and goofy ways, he has won the ladies hearts with movies like Definitely Maybe, and the Proposal. Women love him because he is quirky and has a 16 pack. Guys love him because he made the only funny National Lampoon movie since Chevy Chase, and that he has said Thunder Cunt on screen. Good old Canadian boy finds himself at number 6 on this list.

# 5 Patrick Swayze

One movie, two words: Dirty Dancing. Patrick Swayze danced and pelvic thrusted his way into women’s hearts. He cemented his place there by “Ghosting” some pottery with Demi Moore. Not sure what else to say. He made women cry and made them laugh. Women love him because he could mash potatoes and he could do the twist. Guys loved him because he was the smallest bouncer ever and still kicked ass in the movie Road House. RIP Mr. Swayze, you will always be remembered for not putting Baby in a corner, and for singing She’s Like the Wind.

# 4 Channing Tatum

I didn’t want to include this guy, but too many of my female friends go ballistic when talking about this cat. I don’t see the rabid appeal, but this isn’t really my list, so here we go. This guy last year made millions of ladies, Channing all over their Tatum’s. He starred in a little movie called, Magic Mike. The ladies love him because he grinds on the stage, he grinds on the piano, and he grinds on any woman with a single. The guys love him because he was awesome in 21 Jump Street. When you think that guys objectify women, just remember Magic Mike, ladies.

# 3 Hugh Jackman

Is there a nicer dude in Hollywood? I don’t think so. This guy is so high on the list because he does it all. He can sing, dance, does Broadway, and then kicks some ass at the end of the day. He also has mass appeal from all age groups. I am pretty sure my mom threw her bra at him when he was doing a show in Toronto. The women love him because he is charming, a gentleman, and he is ripped. The guys love him because he can grow a kick ass beard, and because he is WOLVERINE, BITCH!

# 2A Ryan Gosling

This guy was Noah, from the Notebook. End of story.

#2 Harrison Ford

This guy was Han Solo, and Indiana Jones. End of story.

# 1 Brad Pitt

I could write a novel on why ladies love this dude but it really comes down to one movie, Legends of the Fall. Women love him because he is Brad Pitt. Guys love him because he is Tyler Durden, Billy Beane, Lt. Aldo Raine, Rusty Ryan, Achilles, and Mickey O’Neil. Okay, maybe I should move him to my top 10 crush list; Brad Pitt finds himself at number 1 on the Men that Women Want list.

Honorable Mentions

Nathan Fillion # Serenity

Zac Efron # New Years Eve 

Paul Newman # Career

Liam Neeson # Taken

Bradley Cooper # The Hangover

Lion-O # ThunderCats

So that is my list of Dashing Dudes. Agree, Disagree? Let me know! 

"I'll brush my teeth." - Kingpin

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