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Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Top 15 Movie Scenes: That Stuck With Me

Top 15 Movie Scenes: That Stuck With Me (In a negative way)


My mind is always connecting things/life situations to movies. It is something I have always done and will always continue to do. Where this particular list came from is due to my strange inner workings. Here is the warped Kevin Bacon styled game that I played in my head which led to this blog post. I got a splinter in my finger last night. It led me to think of a time when I was playing road hockey (when I was a small kid.) While playing, a guy I knew took half a broken hockey stick through his hand (In reality it was probably a three inch splinter.) However, that happened almost 25 years ago and it has stuck with me (Pun not intended.) That injury was devastating to witness and it makes me cringe thinking about it even now. But then I thought some more and the word splinter made me think of the rat from Teenage Mutant Ninja turtles. Splinter was a ninja and it got me to thinking of the ninja Storm Shadow from G.I. JOE. Storm Shadow was on Cobra with a guy named Major Blood. Major Blood wore an eye patch and that came from a past eye injury. That injury led me to think of the cop that was stabbed in eye during the movie End of Watch. That injury has stuck with me and so here is the list of scenes that have stuck with me in a negative way.



#15 Cop stabbed in the eye: End of Watch

I have a phobia of things touching my eye. So injuries involving the eye are particularly awful for me. This scene stuck with me because it seemed like a routine back up call. That is until they find their fellow cop sitting on the ground with a knife sticking in his eye.

#14 Stifler eats dog crap: American Wedding

Stifler has been peed on, has drunk semen, and even has kissed a guy. None of that bothered me as much as him having to eat dog crap in the third movie. Watching him eat it and then having it stuck in his teeth doesn’t sit well with me.

#13 Captain Spaulding: The Devils Reject/House of a 1000 Corpses

I hate clowns, look at this clown. Have fun trying to sleep tonight.

#12 Watching the VHS tape: The Ring

A host of disturbing and unsettling images await you if you watched the tape in The Ring. There was something about the strange imagery that stuck with me. It was easy to think bad things were going to happen after watching this video and that hasn’t gone away.

#11 Drinking horse semen: Jack Ass 2

I got sick to my stomach when Party Boy drinks horse semen in the second movie. It still makes me queasy thinking about it.

#10 Rob Roy’s wife is raped: Rob Roy

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Cunningham was already one of the most hated villains in movie history. This scene of complete misogynistic degradation was impossible to watch and completed my hatred for him.

#9 Curb stomp: American History X

One of the most shocking scenes in cinematic history, its brutality is virtually unrivalled in film.

#8 A handful of blood: Cabin Fever

Imagine finally getting with the girl of your dreams only to come away with the grossest hand of gore possible. You knew it was going to happen and even then it was still sickening.

#7 Hospital scene: The Eye

Not the crappy Jessica Alba version of The Eye, but the Asian version entitled Gin Gwai. There is a scene after the woman just has an eye transplant. She is walking around a hospital with weird sounds and strange images coming from everywhere. It still freaks me out thinking of it.

 # 6 Elijah Price on the stairs: Unbreakable

Elijah Price is suffering from osteogenesis imperfecta, a rare disease that makes his bones break easily. He has a scene where he hurries down some subway stairs. I only have a face of horror when looking back on that scene.

#5 Paul Krendler eats his own brain: Hannibal

Not sure why this one stuck with me so much. It is just the exposed brain and the thought of eating it that gives me the willies.

#4 Mutant rape: The Hills Have Eyes

Over the top? Check. Disturbing? Check. Scarred for life? Check. This scene was disgusting and although it is mostly implied, totally unnecessary.

#3 Finger nail fallout: The Fly

Lots of things stuck with me from The Fly. His metamorphosis where Seth Brundle is falling apart is the most horrific to watch though.

#2 Semen éclair: Van Wilder

There is a scene in Van Wilder where they fill chocolate éclairs up with bulldog semen and then drop them off at a rival fraternity’s house. Long story short, the éclairs get eaten in the sloppiest of manners. Disgusting and till this day I cannot look at an éclair without shuddering.

#1 Jesus being whipped: Passion of the Christ

It is just painful to sit through as skin is being flayed off his body. People walked out in droves from the theatre when this was going on. I remember the scene like it was yesterday and it still haunts me.

So that is my list of scenes that have stuck with me. Keep in mind that every rape scene could easily have made the list as they are never easy to watch. Also, personal phobias and experiences weighed in. Do you have a scene that sticks with you in a negative way?

Honorable mentions from movies and TV

Saw 2# Pit of Syringes

The Grudge# Girl on stairs

X-Files# Inbred woman under bed

 V/H/S# Woman with big eyes

About Schmidt# Kathy Bates Hot Tub

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