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Monday, 20 May 2013

Celebrity Doppelgangers Part 2

Celebrity Doppelgangers Part 2

These are more people that I think look alike.

They are in no particular order.

# 10 Pat Morita and David Suzuki

# 9 Alexander Ovechkin and the Giant from Happy Gilmore

# 8 Emile Hirsch and Brian Austin Green

# 7 Mark Wahlberg and Nate Ruess

# 6 George Karl and John Lithgow

# 5 Sidney Crosby and Andy Samberg

# 4 Alan Cummings and Peewee Herman

# 3 Elias Koteas and Phil from Night Court

# 2 Orlando Bloom and Luke Evans

# 1 Jeff Garlin and Norm from Cheers

Honorable Mentions

Nicolas Cage's Hair and the Crypt Keeper's Hair

Lea Michele and My Pet Monster

There you have it. Are there any that you would add?

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