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Sunday, 21 April 2013


Drama (Horror, Thriller)
Rated: R
Running Time: 90 minutes
Starring: Brian Geraghty, Josh Peck, Alice Eve
Directed By: David Brooks
Rating: 0 out of 10
Three people are trapped in an ATM building as a menacing stalker patrols outside.

I would like to thank everyone involved with this movie for two reasons. The first reason is for wasting an hour and a half of my time. The second reason is that now I have ATM movies in my internet search history. That is going to look awesome if I suddenly pass away and cannot explain their presence on my computer. ATM is the story of three coworkers (David, Emily, Corey.) They stop off to use an ATM in the middle of the night so they have cash for pizza. What should be a routine money withdrawal turns frightening, as a man outside prevents them from leaving.

ATM stands for Automated Teller Machine. It should stand for Another Terrible Movie (That would have won on Acrophobia back in the day.) I am too tired to do a review so I am going to change it up a little. Here is my long list of complaints.

David is lame, Corey is a douche, and Emily is little more than vapid, eye candy. They are not characters you will care a lick about. They work in finance and yet they act like children. Stupid remarks and the does she like me, or doesn’t she like me dialogue is hard to sit through. It does not start the movie off on the right note.

Brian Geraghty, Josh Peck, and Alice Eve are the actors playing these characters. They are all rigid and awful in this.

Corey provides the biggest cock block in the history of the world. No one would act like he does.

The ATM building that they drive to is in the middle of nowhere. Why does this ATM even exist? And there must have been an ATM closer to the pizza place, and there must be an ATM that doesn’t look like a murder house.

David parks the car 60 to 70 feet from the ATM. It is below zero outside so why wouldn’t he park closer?

The reason how they all end up inside the ATM building is absurd, and why none of them have a cell phone with them is even more absurd.

They are afraid of a normal sized guy dressed in Han Solo’s outfit from Hoth. He is supposed to be huge and menacing. He just looks like a regular guy.

The attacker doesn’t have a weapon when they first encounter him so why are they so scared for no reason?

This movie is not scary or intense.

When they realize they are being threatened, they stay in the building instead of all three of them trying to overpower their attacker. Or even better yet, why wouldn’t they just run for it?

Why was the attacker hanging around in this place to harass people?

The dialogue is appalling.

The police don’t show up when they vandalize the ATM. That makes no sense as people would just rob it at will then.

Sometimes you can see their breaths because of the frigid temperature and other times you can’t.

This movie isn’t scary or intense.

Ultimately, the attacker’s plan for the three victims is maddeningly complex, and it is non-plausible in the fact that the ATM building is not vacuum sealed.

The ending is balls, and will make you want to tear out your hair.

Director David Brooks had very little to work with, as this script is just plain bad (Chris Sparling.) There is obviously a lot wrong with this film, but the worst is that it takes place in a solitary location. It is the hardest thing to do in film as you just run out of things that could reasonably happen. So you stretch the credibility of the story by having to add random characters and stupid character decisions. I reserve judgment on Brook’s technique as no one could have made this film work.

I cannot recommend this film as it is as bad as trying to take out money from an ATM and it saying NSF.

T Factor + If you like B grade horror then this could score higher on the rating scale.

T Factor - None

If you liked this film reel recommendations: Buried, Phone Booth 

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