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Friday, 29 March 2013

Quarantine 2: Terminal

Quarantine 2: Terminal
Rated: R
Running Time: 86 minutes
Starring: Josh Cooke
Directed By: John Pogue
Rating: 1 out of 10
A plane full of passengers is quarantined at an airport terminal after they are exposed to a deadly virus.

I am not sure why they make 4 or 5 sequels to every horror movies these days but here we are. After an entertaining but mediocre first installment, we find ourselves with the second Quarantine film, that is best left unseen. This film has all the appeal of catching a horrible disease or having to watch Nicolas Cage do Shakespeare. Quarantine 2 is the story of a plane flight afflicted with a mysterious virus. After the plane is forced to land, the passengers are quarantined in an airplane baggage terminal.

What do 5 dollars and a dream get you? Apparently, the answer is a horrible sequel. The film starts off and the first thing you will notice is the poor quality of the cameras. It is not a deal breaker, but it is a major distraction. After a short preamble where we meet the passengers boarding the plane, the movie then properly gets underway. The film inexplicably tries to make you guess where the virus could come from. It could come from the copilot who looks like a walking zombie. It could come from a passenger that is constantly sneezing. It could come from some animals stored in the luggage compartment. Or it could be from a cat that was carried onto the plane. The secrecy behind the origin of the virus is unneeded and quite frankly, dumb. So the plane takes off and the viewer is treated to the most random flight ever. There is a 400 pound man trying to hit on the flight attendants, there is a man with Parkinson’s that cannot talk, there is the douchiest guy on the planet that won’t get off his cell phone, and so on and so forth. When you think things cannot get any worse, the viewer is then treated with things like animals walking around the plane, a guy getting fellatio from his girlfriend, and 30 year old flight attendants discussing boys like a couple of teenagers. The film’s first act is equal parts bizarre and stupid. After a passenger shows signs of unknown distress, the plane is forced to land. What the viewer is forced to sit through for the next hour or so is appalling, and somehow should have been used to torture the suspected terrorists in the movie, Zero Dark Thirty.

The acting is not good and that is putting it politely. I am not going to rip on the actors though, as it is mostly out of their control. The spotty dialogue, shitty cameras, and inane character personalities all conspire against them. The only person I have to point out, was a character named George, played by Mattie Liptak. This kid needs acting school ASAP. He somehow ruined a movie that already sucked out loud. He basically reminded me of an emo Justin Bieber, or I guess Justin Bieber. I cannot express enough on how much I hated this kid’s performance.

So the passengers are quarantined in a small area, and the virus passes between them by various means. It stalks them in the bites of the infected, both animal and human. They are shot on sight if they leave the hangar, so they have to find another means of escape. What should be a scary and tension filled time, is mind numbingly dull. The passengers turn into slobbering zombies that patrol the terminal for fresh meat. They are super strong, they are stealthy, they are everywhere, and lastly, they are not remotely scary. The film does have a high body count, lots of blood, and plenty of screaming zombies that tear and rend flesh. What it doesn’t have is any sense of realism. As the film comes to a close it tries to explain where the virus came from and why the government is wary of it, but you won’t care. In conclusion, this movie is one of the worst that I have seen in a long time. I sat blank faced and care free watching this, and I wasn’t remotely interested in the characters or the story. It has an odd moment of blood, but it is ruined by the low budget and terrible camera work.

Director and writer, John Pogue, has put together just an awful film. It fails on every level and frankly it is shocking to me that it got made. To be fair, with the lack of budget and no name actors, this film was destined to fail. If you have seen the first Quarantine, then this movie can be missed as it is just a copycat in a different locale. I do applaud Pogue for not using the found footage technique but that is about it. I won’t judge him as he had little to work with, but by god this was a disaster.

I cannot give this movie a recommendation as I rather get rabies then watch another film like this.

T Factor + If you like B grade horror then this could score higher on the rating scale.

T Factor – If you like realistic blood and gore in your horror then this could score lower on the rating scale.

If you liked this film reel recommendations: 28 weeks later, Dawn of the Dead.

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